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We are excited to be online and ready to market unique and exciting products and services to the World for our customers!  The World of SEO and online marketing is changing rapidly towards marketing campaigns called “funnels” and “tunnels!” It basically involves the creation of one-page websites and targeted advertising campaigns to promote products and services instead of trying to compete in the pay-per-click or standard SEO nightmares out there!  We specialize in promoting local small businesses and individuals on smaller budgets!

We understand that many people out there who have or create products and/or services may not know how to start a business, let alone creating logos,  websites, etc. or market online!  That’s where we come in! Whether you already have a website and online store and just want to create more traffic flow and generate more leads, or if you just came up with a product and/or service and are just getting started, we can help!  While our most popular service is simply creating one-page websites that promote products and services to collect leads, we offer many additional services as well, including:

  • Business Name Investigation, Creation & Registration
  • Insurance and Licensing Consulting
  • Branding:  Business Cards, Logo Creations, etc.
  • Printed and Online / Downloadable Instructions, Forms, etc.
  • Accounting, Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing Setup
  • Contact Management Assistance / Email Marketing Campaigns
  • eCommerce Websites and Social Media Creation & Management
  • Item Listings and Promotions via eBay and other online apps and services
  • Graphics Design Services for logos, flyers, banners, websites, social media and more!
  • Product and Service Photos / Video Creation and Editing
  • Lead Generation / Filtering
  • Order Processing, Packaging & Shipping
  • Customer Service & Support

Some examples of how we’ve helped people and businesses:

  • Promoted a Yard Sale on Facebook and other Social Media!
  • Listed, Marketed and Promoted an event for a local Bar!
  • Created a webpage and handled SEO for a local gift-basket creator!
  • Took photos of an old clock and listed it on eBay for a small commission!
  • Took photos, and setup eCommerce links to market chainsaw carvings to the World via eBay and other online services!
  • Snapped pics and listed items in local Facebook Groups and other social media apps to clean out a storage unit!
  • Helped a local small business get set up to process credit cards and consulted in various marketing techniques!
  • Helped a local business find the right telephone answering/voicemail solution for their business and set it up for them!
  • Created a funnel page and eCommerce links for a local satellite dish cover business to increase traffic and sales!
  • Created a funnel page and online forms for a local satellite internet business to increase traffic and collect sales leads!
  • Created a funnel page and used targeted advertising to promote an emergency battery pack/jump starter!
  • Created a funnel page and lead generation form for a landscape and snow removal company!

These are just a few of the things we have done to help people reach an audience that they might otherwise have never found which resulted in larger profits for them!

Let us help you!   Contact us for more information!

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