Security & Smart Home Technology Consulting

Security & Smart Home Technology Consulting

Stop living in fear and being victimized on your own home or property and Enjoy the relaxation benefits of smart home technology!

If you’ve been looking around at all of the security and smart home technology and services out there, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to decide which security or home automation solution is the best for your home or business needs and budget:

  • Smart Home Voice Control Technology:? Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple
  • Cameras and Video Doorbells:? Google Nest, Ring, etc.
  • Smart Hubs:? Samsung Smart Hubs, Apple, Harmony, Logitech
  • Smart Lighting and switching: Philips Hue, LIFX, ZWave
  • Home Security:? SimpliSafe, Vivint Home Security

Did you know that Google Home and Amazon Alexa can integrate with some Home Security Solutions to give you total voice control over lights, doors, cameras, appliances, home theater, TVs and more?? Smart home and security devices and services have come along ways and do some amazing things, but when you can integrate all of that technology and allow it to work together, it’s nothing short of awesome!

  • Imagine simply saying “Goodnight Alexa” knowing that your bedside light is going to turn on for you while your living room TV and all of the lights in your home are going to shut off, while your home security system locks your doors and arms accordingly while your Next thermostat switches to 67 degrees for the night!
  • Imagine being able to say “Alexa, turn Hulu to HBO and having your TV turn on, your surround sound system turn on and the channel changed to HBO for you!
  • Imagine receiving emails or text notices with pics and/or video when someone simply enters your parking area or walks up to your front door?
  • Imagine being able to unlock your front door remotely so the Culligan guy can get in and then locking it remotely when he leaves?

That is all a reality and has been for some time now, and it’s actually pretty affordable!
We have solutions for homeowners and renters with new wireless technology that is much easier to install and less harmful to the property!

Whether you are just looking for an affordable security camera to monitor your front door to help prevent package theft, or a camera for you parking area and/or maybe a motion light/alert system to notify you of unwanted visitors, or whether you want a complete home or business security and/or home automation solution w/ monitoring, we can help!

We offer site surveys and consultations to help you decide which solution will best fit your needs and budget and help you to secure and automate your home or business!

Contact us today for more information or check out some of our security, smart home, and home automation products and services here:?Google Nest Cameras, Thermostats, Motion Sensors and more!? Vivint Home Security Solutions

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