RV DataSat Mobile Satellite Internet Systems & Services

RV DataSat Mobile Satellite Internet Systems & Services

Internet access and communications from almost anywhere with the touch of a button!

RV DataSat Mobile Satellite Internet Systems and ServicesRV DataSat 840 iDirect Modem and Controller



Introducing the new RV DataSAT 840, the only automatic satellite Internet antenna designed specifically for consumers. This system has all of the professional-grade components of a Government or Commercial system, but at a price that an RV owner and other small businesses, agencies, and organizations can afford.

The RV DataSAT 840 system comes ready-to-use right out of the box, simply set it up, plug the cables in, and press a button! ?The system will go up and lock onto the satellite and provide you with internet access and WiFi connectivity!


  • RV DataSat 840 mount and controller
  • iDirect X5 or X7 Modem (depending on your purchase option)
  • 4 port wireless router
  • 6-watt Ku BUC
  • control cable

An optional Fly-away kit is also available for these systems, contact us for details!

Optional fly-away portability kit for RV DataSat 840 mobile automatic satellite internet solutions!


Coverage / Service Areas

Will this system and service work for you?? Check out the coverage areas for these systems via the following Links!
Please note, you need to click on the location where the system will be used and it will provide an EIRP level.? The EIRP level must be 46 dBW or higher in order to use this system and service at that location!

  • G19 @ 97 West Satellite
    • Coverage in the Continental US as well as parts of Alaska & Hawaii
    • Also coverage in parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas and other regions
  • Horizon 1 @ 127 West Satellite
    • Coverage in the Continental US as well as most areas in Alaska (except far northeast)
    • Also coverage in a few areas in Canada and Mexico

If you are looking for a larger coverage area, contact us about some of our larger .98m and 1.2m mobile automatic satellite internet systems and services!


Required Space / Dimensions

The RV DataSat 840 and 845 Mobile Automatic Satellite Internet Systems require a free space of 48″ long x 40″ wide for installation and 40″ of clearance for rotation.
Theses systems are approximately 12.5″ high.

RV Datasat 840 and 845 dimensions


Monthly Service Plans

The RV DataSat 840 & 845 systems are powered by iDirect Satellite Internet platform!? iDirect offers many different service plans, features, options and capabilities! It’s very important to know that not all monthly service plans are recommended according to the speeds that they offer!? There are many other factors to consider when selecting a monthly service plan for your needs such as contention ratios and data limits! For instance, we offer a 1mb x 200k service plan for $99 per month that will support 2 – 3 concurrent users and things like surfing, emailing, Facebook, etc., however, we also offer a 1mb x 200k plan that is $300 per month, which supports 10 concurrent users a VoIP (phone) line and more and yet another 1mb x 200k plan for around $600 per month that supports even more concurrent users and/or apps such as VoIP, VPN (Virtual Private Networking) and other applications better than the other plans we offer!? So, don’t let speeds make your decision for you and don’t waste your money signing up to a service plan that you don’t need!? We are happy to discuss your needs and recommend an appropriate monthly service plan for you!? Contact us for more information!

  • Monthly Service plans for these systems start at around $99 per month for 1mb x 200k speeds and go up from there!
  • Month-to-month and seasonal plans are also available!
  • Some Terms and Conditions Apply!


Purchase Links

We strongly recommend that you contact us prior to purchasing this unit as there are a few different options and equipment configurations that we should go over prior to you placing the order!? If you contact us prior to ordering, we can provide you with an exact quote for shipping, taxes, etc., and discuss installation options and any other questions you may have as well!

RV DataSat 840-X5-6watt: $ 6495.00 + shipping? (subject to availability, please contact us prior to ordering)

RV DataSat 845-X7-6watt😕 $ 9995.00 + shipping (newest, latest components and configuration)

Contact us about our larger .98m and 1.2m models w/ larger coverage areas and faster speed capabilities!



We provide professional installation of these systems for $600 – $1200 in our local service areas!? These systems can be “self-installed,” however, if you are installing these systems on an RV or similar unit, we recommend that you hire an RV Handyman to assist you or just have an RV Repair Center install your system for you!? It’s a heavy system to try to get up onto the roof yourself, and keep in mind that it’s much more important to get the system mounted, secured, and sealed properly on the roof of your RV than it is to have a “satellite guy” there to connect everything for you as these systems are pretty much plug-n-play and they ship configured and ready to go!? If you decide to do it yourself or have someone assist you, make sure you follow the installation directions closely and use Dicor or a similar sealant if you choose to install the system yourself and we recommend checking the installation a few days later to ensure everything is properly secured and sealed!


RV DataSat 840 Operation Manual – REV 2


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