Get your Website Listed in Directories Online

One of the most affordable ways to get your business listed in Google, Yahoo and other online Directories is to use a service called BrightLocal.  While other similar services do much more for less and sometimes even control your listing to when, if you stop paying them a monthly subscription, the listings go away.  BrightLocal does not do that.

Instead, it’s a listing service that you pay for once for each business and you fill out one form, add names and photos and so on and BrightLocal takes it from there adding your information to 100+ online search engines and directories for you. 

You will have links to manage the directory listings individually if you wish and you will have a log-in and password for each directory that requires you to have one.

It’s a wonderful service and I highly recommend it and I’ve used several programs and services like this over the years for various sites.

Create or Verify Your Business Name on Google first,  and make sure to get your business listed in all directories the exact same way.  (Example 123 Your Street or 123 Your St. matters, as does Mikes Pancakes vs. Mike’s PanCakes or Lone Pine Technology vs. LonePine Technology) Make sure they are all the same.  You can check and see how it shows up in Google already if it is an existing listing, and make sure you use it the same way.