DirecTV Satellite Television Systems and Services for Businesses

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DirecTV Satellite Television Systems & Services for Businesses

We offer DirecTV Satellite Television Systems and Services for commercial/business applications including hotels/motels, bars/restaurants, resorts and more!? A site survey is typically required in order for us to quote you for equipment and service costs since a lot of factors come into play as to what we are able to offer you!

The DirecTV Satellite Television equipment and services that we can offer you for your business depends on several factors including:

  • Type of Business (Bar/Restaurant, Hotel/Motel, Lodge/Resort, Professional Office, etc.)
  • Max Occupancy
  • Viewing area size/location
  • Estimated audience capacity
  • Number of TV’s
  • Standard Definition vs. High Definition
  • Number of Channels / Premium Channels

Pricing for DirecTV Business Services is based on all of the above factors, however, the number of TV’s and whether you would like to offer Standard Definition or High Definition could have a huge impact on the cost of equipment and services by thousands of dollars!

While some business applications may require a satellite television receiver near or behind each TV, we also offer analog and digital “head-end” systems where equipment racks are placed in a central location and the satellite television programming is then broadcast over a cable to each TV in the facility over a separate channel on the TV.? For instance, channel 4 could be Local News, while channel 5 could be TBS, channel 6 could be ESPN and so on.? This simplifies things by allowing your customers to use the TV remote to change channels on the TV.

Example:? A small hotel with 16 rooms would end up paying around $6000 – $7000 for equipment to support 24 standard definition channels or so!? The monthly service per room for 24 channels including a few movie channels for their guests would probably run around $11 per room per month.? There are some other monthly fees, so add around $25 per month for that and you could supply all of your guests with a decent selection of TV channels and a premium movie channel or two for less than $200 per month!? Now, if you wanted to provide high-definition programming, the up-front cost would be much more at around $15,000 or so for a digital head-end system, but then you will have other features and options including the ability to add a channel for local information or advertising or maybe the menu for an attached or nearby bar or restaurant!? There are also rebates when you commit to a term contract that can help with your equipment investment!

We strongly recommend a site survey to have us go over your property, discuss TV locations and so on in order to get a good idea of the costs involved.? There is an application process involved as well, so we will need to collect information from you on property ownership and layout, occupancy of any viewing areas, etc. in order to start the process!

For more information, please contact us at (888) 608-2299 or by emailing [email protected] !